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Family Dispute Resolution Week - separating parents

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The Parent Connection is proud to support Family Dispute Resolution Week. The initiative, launched Monday by national family law association Resolution, aims to raise awareness of non-confrontational methods of resolving family breakdown, such as mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.

According to a new survey by Resolution, the majority of Britons believe that putting the child’s interests first and avoiding conflict are the top factors to consider when going through a divorce.

Four out of five (78%) say that putting children’s interests first would be their first or second most important consideration in a divorce, and 53% would prioritise making the divorce as conflict-free as possible.

Despite this, over four-fifths of people (81%) believe that children end up being the main casualties of divorce, and 40% believe that divorces can never be without conflict – a figure that rises to nearly half (47%) of those who are currently divorced themselves. In addition, 45% of those surveyed think that most divorces involve a visit to court, despite the increasing availability of non-court alternatives.

Surprisingly, financial factors are not seen as particularly important. Only 1% said that being financially better off than their partner would be the most important consideration should they separate.

As part of Family Dispute Resolution Week, Resolution is launching a new advice guide, ’Separating Together: Your options for separation and divorce.’ The guide is designed to help separating couples understand and explore non-court based methods of resolving issues arising on the breakdown of a relationship.

Here on we know that most parents have good intentions and want to prioritise the well-being of their children and avoid conflict during separation, but things can go wrong due to a lack of knowledge of non-court based options.

So, in addition to supporting Resolution’s campaign we are also launching a series of short clips that we have filmed with Jo O'Sullivan, a collaborative lawyer and mediator.  The films will cover the main forms of dispute resolution, explaining in simple terms the terminology, when it's suitable, the advantages and disadvantages plus examples from Jo’s professional experience.

The guide, plus our clips and new Getting It Right for Children programme all have the shared goal of improving communication between separating couples and sharing information about alternatives to court.

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