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Maintaining Relationship Stability through a Separation - Parent Connection

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Sticking to a daily routine can help to keep other aspects of life as stable as possible.

If possible, it might be best to wait before making any other big changes, like moving house or school, to avoid any further emotional and practical disruption.

Encouraging children to see their friends, and keep up with hobbies or other activities, can help them keep some continuity in their lives. Some children may feel guilty about doing 'normal' things and having fun - they may need genuine encouragement as some children may feel they need 'permission'.

Children tend to do best when they are in a stable, predictable environment, and need to know that there are limits (limits they will sometimes test!). Being consistent can help a child to work through things more clearly. For example, it will help if you and your ex-partner agree about discipline and are consistent in what you actually do.

Accepting support from others

Finding people you can talk to and making sure that you feel supported will help you support your child better. It will also help avoid burdening your child with your emotional distress by confiding in them or relying on them for support. Read our article titled Fears for the Future and Moving On for advice on moving on after a separation or divorce.

Children benefit from other people's support, too. Grandparents can be an important support to both you and your child. Research shows many children say they confide in their grandparents when they are worried. If teachers and other important adults in your child's life know about the separation, they can be more sensitive to your child too.

Follow this link for further information on separating tips and advice, with useful information for people going through divorce and separation.

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