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Should you take your child on a term time holiday?

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Depending on the arrangements you have made with your ex-partner, you may not always get to spend the holidays with your children. Due to this, you may be one of many separated parents who takes their children on holiday during term time.

Financial writer Ella Mercer, a contributer to offers these words of advice when it comes to taking a term-time break:

“Taking your children on a holiday during term time used to be an ideal way to get a cheaper trip and beat the crowds. However, with many parents getting fined for doing precisely this and evidence that missing school can have a negative impact overall on children’s grades, is it really worth it?

We used to be allowed to take our children out of school as long as we gave them notice. However, in September 2013, new rules were introduced to stop us from doing this. In fact, we’re now only allowed to take our children out of school under exceptional circumstances. If you choose to ignore this rule, you can be fined £60 for each child missing school, or up to £120 if you miss the 28 day fine payment period. It’s therefore down to us as the parent to decide whether the money we save by taking our kids on holiday during term time outweighs the money we’d have to pay in fines.

Another point to take into account when considering a term time holiday is your child’s education. It’s no secret that missing school can cause your child to fall behind and this can negatively affect their grades overall. If you don’t want this to occur, you need to consider a way around the situation.”

Ella’s top takeouts

If you can’t afford to pay full price on your holiday but also don’t want to remove your child from school, here are some tips on what you can do:


If you and your ex-partner have difficulties arranging childcare during the holidays, a parenting plan could help you. Try our free service Splitting Up? Put Kids First and make your own online parenting plan.

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