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Splitting Up? Put Kids First - a new online service from the Parent Connection

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Splitting Up? Put Kids First supports separating parents in helping them put their children’s needs first at a time of great emotional upheaval. It is important because the way that separated couples manage co-parenting, can have an enormous impact on a child throughout their life – from education in the short term, to future relationships and mental health in the long term.

The aim is to reduce the number of children negatively affected by painful parent separations whilst encouraging a culture shift in the way that people deal with co-parenting, to make the continued involvement of both parents the norm, and ensure that those working with separating families can provide the guidance and tools needed. 

Created by theParentConnection’s parent company, relationship charity OnePlusOne, this is the first online Parenting Plan that helps couples communicate and make arrangements about who will be seeing their children in an informal yet structured environment. The service is FREE and available 24/7 and 365 days a year. No need to book an appointment or go on a waiting list before help is available.

Splitting Up? Put Kids First screen grabOnePlusOne Director Penny Mansfield CBE, says: ‘If couples have a very nasty break-up they may find it impossible to work out arrangements for their children.

‘If we can encourage them to think about new childcare needs before it becomes too difficult, that will be much better for everyone.’

'Our hope is it will remove much of the bitterness involved in a break-up because you don’t have to make an appointment or go to a place where you have to define yourself in a certain way.'

Splitting Up? Put Kids First is available in Welsh and English. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Contact if you’re willing to share your feedback with us.

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  • User-anonymous jennawhite1 Flag

    I see my son at a contact ce ntre once month for 2 hours I feel its not enough time I get to spend with my son me and his dad cant come to agreements so its going to court because they want to have full custory of my son which I feel isn't fair iam doing everything I can to make my self a better mum for my son I hope the judge sees it from my point a view too

    Mon 2, May 2016 at 11:10am
  • User-anonymous KD Flag

    You can not mediate with someone who does wish to. To mediate both parties have to have a positive frame of mind and acting always in the best interest of children.
    Courts are helpful but can be quite acrimonious. If false allegations are being made, immediately stop all forms of contact with other parent, and take help from court.
    Keep it simple, be honest, it may take time but you would be better off rather than doing nothing

    Wed 19, Aug 2015 at 2:02pm
  • Pc Jamie Flag

    Have you attended a mediation information meeting as they can usually give you information about options.
    Why not post on the forum and you will get more support or use our listening room that is open from 9.00pm -10..00pm

    Tue 11, Mar 2014 at 7:43pm
  • User-anonymous marb345 Flag

    I'm having contact issues with seeing my son, my contact is once a week after school 3 till 6 and for one full day every other Saturday only, I have just managed to get a sleep over into Sunday but needed to get him back for midday. I do not have the money to go through the court process, this has gone on for over 14 months now is there any agency out there who can help

    My ex wife refuses to go to mediation

    Tue 11, Mar 2014 at 9:31am