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Tips for dads celebrating Mother’s Day after separation

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Mothering Sunday is typically a family celebration where the children and the father come together to show mum how much they appreciate her.

While you may no longer be a couple, you can still use Mother’s Day to acknowledge the hard work your ex puts into being a mother.

Here are some points to consider which may help the day run smoothly:

  • Who gets the children on Mother’s Day? If you typically have the children on Sundays, you may feel like you are losing out if the children spend Mother’s Day with mum. A way around this may be to have the children on Sunday morning to help them prepare their cards and gifts, then take them to their mums for a late brunch.  A Parenting Plan would assist you and your ex in deciding how to organise childcare on special occasions.
  • Be helpful. In the past, you helped your children prepare for Mother’s Day, so it should be no different now that you and their mum are separated. Put aside any bad feelings you may have and think of what is best for your child. If they want to make mum a card, help them.
  • Prepare a budget. The best Mother’s Day gifts are usually hand-made but you will still need to buy the materials to make the present. You will probably have your reservations about spending money on gifts for your ex partner. Again, this is where a Parenting Plan may come in handy as it can help you both arrange a budget for special occasions such as this.
  • Communicate with your ex. If the children want to do something special for Mother’s Day, such as take her out for lunch or for a walk somewhere, you should double check with your ex to see if she is able to take them there. She may also have plans to visit her own mother, so you’ll need to make sure there are no conflicting schedules.


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