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What other separated parents say about Christmas

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Separated parents face a number of unique challenges when it comes to celebrating Christmas.

Read the experiences of other ParentConnection forum users below. If you’re having problems with your ex-partner as well, why not post on our forum?

Money and presents

‘I work in London, I am a single parent trying to pay for a mortgage and also pay monthly maintenance to my ex for my son. I am really struggling with money and with Christmas coming up I know my ex will buy my son expensive presents while I am scrimping and trying to save every penny I have to pay for bills and Christmas presents.’ Read full forum post.

‘My daughter has informed me that she was given money for Christmas and her father wants her to put it all in the bank. She told him she does not want to. She is very upset. I think she should have the money since it was a gift… I can't make him give her the money.’ Read full forum post.

‘[Our son’s] teacher raised concerns about his school grades and general behavior before Christmas and I was quite stern with my son about what was expected of him in school. I banned him from playing computer games until his grades improved as well as his attitude. His father responded by buying him a brand new Xbox for Christmas.’ Read full forum post.

Contact arrangements

‘Last Christmas, we decided that we should both be together on Christmas Day for the sake of our son, and for us to talk. Last year our son stayed with my ex on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. I have recently suggested that our son stays with me on Christmas Eve this year and that she and her father can come up for a couple of hours in the morning to see our son open presents, then I would take him to her new house late afternoon for the rest of the day.’ Read full forum post.

‘We agreed previous that Christmas would be shared, one Christmas day he would have, then the following year O would have and that we would still share the 2 weeks over Christmas,’ Read full forum post.

‘We have agreed that our daughter will be spending 5-6 days with [the father and his new partner] from Christmas Eve. This is the longest that she will have been away from me and I know they will be travelling a long distance to visit the girlfriend's parents. I asked her father to provide me with details of where they are going and a land line number…he refused… I have now said that unless he provides me with his girlfriend's parent's mobile, I will not allow for our daughter to go with him.’ Read full forum post.

‘My kids (18 and 14) have just jetted off to Australia to spend Christmas with my ex of 12 years and his new wife and kids. They did the same last year, they are old enough to choose what they want to do themselves. While I think it is a great opportunity for them, what I find hard to come to terms with is how they can be so easily seduced by money and sunshine… Last year they came home after spending Christmas with him, saying he was grumpy and bad tempered a lot of the time however this doesn't seem to stop them wanting to return this Christmas!’ Read full forum post.

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