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  • Relationships and Sex Education: Have your say

    17 Jan 16:27 by PCadmin

    From next year, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) will become statutory in all secondary schools and Relationships Education in all primary schools. What do you want your childre... (continued)

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  • Understanding child maintenance

    05 Oct 10:29 by PCadmin

    As a parent, your financial responsibility for your child doesn’t end when your relationship with the other parent ends. Child maintenance is regular financial support towards ... (continued)

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  • Children missing non-resident parents

    05 Jul 16:24 by PCadmin

    Children of separated parents often feel like they don’t see their non-resident parent enough, according to a new survey. Statistics from the ONS show that there are nearly two... (continued)

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  • Why you need to stop arguing

    08 Apr 15:10 by PCadmin

    Research shows that unresolved conflict between separated parents can affect children’s mental health and impact how well they do in life. The Early Intervention Foundation (EI... (continued)

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  • Is your ex-partner set to inherit your money?

    11 Mar 14:40 by PCadmin

    If you’ve recently separated from your spouse or civil partner, you may need to write your will to make it clear where you want your estate to go. If you don’t have a val... (continued)

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  • Children and non-resident parents

    01 Mar 15:49 by PCadmin

    The Ministry of Justice has published a new research paper looking into child wellbeing, and how this is affected by the relationship they have with non-resident parents. The report ... (continued)

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  • Divorced couples giving it another go

    17 Feb 13:07 by PCadmin

    Couples are increasingly returning to their ex-partners after divorce, with more than 12% of divorcees deciding to give their marriage another go. Most recent figures show that aroun... (continued)

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  • What your children know about your finances

    16 Feb 13:11 by PCadmin

    Children pick up on financial arrangements such as who pays for what, and don’t like hearing parents complain about unfairness. We know that children are negatively affected by... (continued)

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  • Parental divorce and children’s health

    19 Jan 16:04 by PCadmin

    A new study has drawn attention to the risks to children’s health posed by parental divorce. The study, published in the journal Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, looked at... (continued)

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  • How arbitration can keep you out of court

    17 Dec 15:44 by PCadmin

    In light of new legal guidelines introduced by the Family Division of the High Court, we wanted to share this short piece about how arbitration might be able to help you through a separ... (continued)

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  • Helping children to master happiness after your breakup

    10 Nov 13:01 by PCadmin

    A new study from Australia has once again highlighted the importance of keeping conflict away from children after a breakup. The research was conducted by Leanne Francia, a student f... (continued)

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  • Does money affect the likelihood of divorce?

    30 Oct 11:10 by PCadmin

    Before the 1970s, divorce was the domain of only the wealthiest people. When the laws were stricter, and the social judgment heavier, it cost a lot to end a marriage – not just fi... (continued)

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  • New guidance for divorcing couples

    23 Oct 16:43 by PCadmin

    The Ministry of Justice has published new guidance to support divorcing couples in understanding the court process and the decisions that may be made about their finances. The new gu... (continued)

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  • Women more likely to initiate divorce

    09 Oct 15:59 by PCadmin

    A new study has shown that women are more likely to initiate divorce than men, but no such discrepancy exists in non-marital breakups. Previously, the only research in this area was ... (continued)

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  • More divorcing parents seeking mediation

    13 Aug 11:47 by PCadmin

    New figures show that more divorcing couples are seeking mediation to resolve their issues and avoid going to court. National Family Mediation, the largest provider of family mediati... (continued)

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow admits breakup was hard, but still puts kids first

    07 Aug 10:47 by PCadmin

    Actor and blogger Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted that her separation has been difficult, but that putting kids first has helped her cope. Those of us going through a separation might s... (continued)

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  • Financial rights of married vs. unmarried parents after separation

    29 Jul 16:08 by PCadmin

    A survey has revealed that nearly half of British people incorrectly believe that unmarried parents have the same rights as married parents when it comes to seeking financial ... (continued)

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  • Sticking to shared parenting arrangements

    15 Jul 16:25 by PCadmin

    The importance of sticking to childcare arrangements has been highlighted after a father was sent to jail for abducting his son. When a relationship breaks down and children are invo... (continued)

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  • Women raised by working mothers have better careers and earn more

    10 Jul 13:56 by PCadmin

    A new study has challenged negative perceptions of working mums, revealing that their daughters go on to have better careers and higher salaries than those raised by non-working mums. ... (continued)

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  • Help us develop new emotional support for parents

    03 Jun 10:00 by PCadmin

    OnePlusOne are seeking the views of separated parents to help develop a new resource aimed at dealing with the emotional aspects of separation. We are working to develop a free onlin... (continued)

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  • Judge rules bedroom tax should not apply to separated parents

    29 May 13:56 by PCadmin

    A judge has ruled that single parents should not be penalised for children’s bedrooms that are only occupied part time. In what may prove to be a landmark case, a judge has uph... (continued)

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  • Grounds for divorce – a guide to your rights

    27 May 14:23 by PCadmin

    The law firm Wright Hassall has created a guide to divorce to help you navigate the process and understand your legal and financial rights. Michelle Hughes writes: “With aro... (continued)

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  • One in seven have considered divorce over Facebook

    08 May 10:36 by PCadmin

    A survey has revealed that nearly half of us have secretly checked our partner’s Facebook accounts and one in seven have considered divorce following discoveries made on the socia... (continued)

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  • Is giving up smoking as difficult as divorce?

    25 Feb 15:11 by PCadmin

    A recent survey by suggests that giving up smoking is more stressful than getting a divorce. The brand asked 1,000 participants to rank the most stressful task... (continued)

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  • Nearly half of separated parents argue about holiday arrangements

    20 Jan 11:44 by PCadmin

    Forty three percent of separated parents in Britain start the New Year arguing with their ex-partner over their children’s holiday arrangements. According to a recent study by ... (continued)

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