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Divorced couples giving it another go

17 Feb 13:07 by PCadmin
Tags: Divorce, separation, getting over an affair
Categories: After Separation

Couples are increasingly returning to their ex-partners after divorce, with more than 12% of divorcees deciding to give their marriage another go.

Most recent figures show that around 42% of marriages end in divorce [1]. However, according to research from our partners at Co-operative Legal Services, more than a quarter of UK divorcees have considered getting back together with their former spouses. Of these, nearly two fifths decided to give things another go.

Nearly three quarters of those who decide to re-establish their relationships cite “overcoming adultery” as their main reason for getting back together. Two fifths said that they still loved their ex-partners and one fifth said that they just missed each other.

However, not all of these reconciliations were due to resolved feelings. One third said that the reunion was for their children’s sake, and 15% said that it was mainly for financial reasons.

While getting back together can be a really positive thing – particularly for your children and your finances – it’s a very big decision and should be considered carefully. Divorce can be a lonely time and, if you find yourself going back to your ex-partner for the wrong reasons, you may find that it’s very difficult or impossible to overcome the factors that broke you apart in the first place.

If you are considering getting back together with your partner, think about the reasons you broke up, and ask yourself how things might be different now. If you can see that things have changed, or that you’re better equipped to deal with what might have happened, then you could stand a better chance of making things work.

If you have tried to give things another go, do let us know how it went in the comments below. Other readers may find it really useful to hear about your experiences.

If you’re looking for legal support, try the helpline or online services over at Co-operative Legal Services.




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