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Grounds for divorce – a guide to your rights

27 May 14:23 by PCadmin
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Categories: Separating

The law firm Wright Hassall has created a guide to divorce to help you navigate the process and understand your legal and financial rights.

Michelle Hughes writes:

“With around 40% of marriages ending in divorce, this practical guide highlights what divorcing couples really need to concentrate on, and how to manage the process as constructively as possible, in order to limit the financial and emotional fall-out from the end of a marriage.

“As lawyers, one of the major sticking points we often encounter is the citing of unreasonable behaviour as the ground for divorce.  Understandably, this can be very hurtful to the spouse on the receiving end who feels that ‘unreasonable behaviour’ is unjust and is simply heaping insult upon injury. The one thing that we try and impress upon those seeking our advice in a divorce is to try and look beyond the phrase, accept that the law requires a ‘reason’ and try and be as pragmatic as possible but without losing sight of one’s own interests.

“For couples with relatively modest means, mediation and collaborative law can be significantly better ways of untying the knot; a more combative approach, however hurt and upset the injured spouse feels, is almost always counter-productive and expensive. The introduction of compulsory mediation for all couples is a constructive attempt to help both individuals come to an arrangement that is best for them and for any children”.

See the full guide to divorce at Wright Hassall.

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