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How arbitration can keep you out of court

17 Dec 15:44 by PCadmin
Tags: divorce, divorced parents, children and divorce
Categories: Separating

In light of new legal guidelines introduced by the Family Division of the High Court, we wanted to share this short piece about how arbitration might be able to help you through a separation.

The new guidance, aimed at legal professionals, is a useful reminder of the value of arbitration as a method of conflict resolution for separating parents.

Family courts have a duty to support couples going through a divorce, by encouraging them to use some form of resolution, in cases were both partners agree. This can include arbitration or mediation (with or without the help of a solicitor), and is intended to help keep cases out of court wherever possible.

Arbitration is particularly suitable for separating couples who are having trouble making financial arrangements, but it can also help you work out childcare arrangements or any other areas you might want help with.

An arbitrator has to consider the same factors that a judge would, and can put together a legally binding financial plan for you and your ex-partner to follow. The arbitrator’s fees can sometimes end up being quite expensive, but it’s usually quicker and more flexible than going to court.

If you are interested in learning about other methods of dispute resolution, you may also want to read our article on mediation.

You can learn more about different types of dispute resolution here.

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