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Losing sleep after divorce could lead to ill health

12 Jan 13:44 by PCadmin
Tags: sleep, health
Categories: Separating

A new study has found that losing sleep for 10 or more weeks after a divorce can lead to poor health.

According to the study, lack of sleep due to a difficult separation or divorce can increase your blood pressure.

Researchers analysed the sleep quality of 138 people who had all separated or divorced their partner roughly 16 weeks before the start of the study. Each person was asked to report on their sleep and have their blood pressure measured during three lab visits over a seven and a half month period.

Dr David Sbarra, from the University of Arizona says of the study, ‘In the initial few months after a separation, sleep problems are probably normal, and this is an adjustment process that people can typically cope with well.

‘But sleep problems that persist for an extended period may mean something different.

‘After 10 or so weeks – after some sustained period of time – there seems to be a cumulative bad effect.’

Kendra Krietsh, lead author of the study, suggests that divorcees who are experiencing sleep difficulties make daily schedule adjustments that encourage a healthier sleeping pattern. Krietsh also suggests finding new ways to relax and unwind.

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