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Nearly half of separated parents argue about holiday arrangements

20 Jan 11:44 by PCadmin
Tags: holidays, arguments
Categories: After Separation

Forty three percent of separated parents in Britain start the New Year arguing with their ex-partner over their children’s holiday arrangements.

According to a recent study by family lawyers Simpson Millar, divorced parents are likely to argue over a range of holiday-related issues such as the length of the vacation (42%) and the suitability of the destination (39%).

Simpson Millar surveyed 1,000 divorced and separated parents, finding that 64% of separated parents like to take their children on holiday each year, while the remaining percentage claim that they simply cannot afford to take the kids away on vacation.

Surprisingly, the study also found that some separated parents go on holiday together (29%).

However, the most common decision was for the parents to take it in turns each year (36%).

‘This shows the value of having an agreed plan between divorced and separated parents for important situations like holidays,’ says Emma Pearmaine, head of family law at Simpson Millar. ‘By opening up discussions now, there is time for talk and mediation. Likewise, in situations where the mother or father fears the other party might change their mind or be unreasonable, and mediation is unsuccessful or not a suitable option, we are able to issue a court application and reach a decision that is binding.’

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