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One in seven have considered divorce over Facebook

08 May 10:36 by PCadmin
Tags: relationship, social media, communication, Facebook
Categories: Separating

A survey has revealed that nearly half of us have secretly checked our partner’s Facebook accounts and one in seven have considered divorce following discoveries made on the social network.

The survey carried out by law firm Slater and Gordon asked 2,000 married people how they felt about their spouses’ online activities.

Nearly half of respondents admitted to secretly checking their partner’s Facebook accounts. One in five said they had argued about what they discovered, and 17% said these arguments happened daily.

When asked what they were looking for, most people said they checked their partners’ pages to see who they were talking with and if they were telling the truth about their social lives. 14% went looking specifically for evidence of infidelity.

Other complaints included spouses getting in touch with their ex-partners, sending secret messages, and failing to post pictures of the couple together.

Communication around this topic isn’t always easy. A fifth of respondents said they had discovered something on their partner’s Facebook accounts that made them feel uneasy, but only 43% of those felt able to start a conversation about it immediately. Another 40% said it had taken them some time to feel like they could raise the issue.

Slater and Gordon say they have seen an increase in social media use being cited in divorce cases.

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