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Women raised by working mothers have better careers and earn more

10 Jul 13:56 by PCadmin
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Categories: After Separation

A new study has challenged negative perceptions of working mums, revealing that their daughters go on to have better careers and higher salaries than those raised by non-working mums.

Researchers at Harvard University used data from 24 countries, including the UK, to look at how children are affected by having a working mother.

While some mums may worry that going back to work could have a negative impact on their children, the new findings show that there may actually be a positive impact.

Daughters of working mothers were seen to be earning 4% more than their contemporaries who were raised by stay-at-home mums, and were more likely to have been promoted into managerial positions.

And it’s not just daughters who receive this positive impact. When men raised by working mothers go on to have families of their own, they tend to take on a more balanced share of parenting duties and household chores, making for a more harmonious home life.

The researchers noted that children can learn a lot from being exposed to a variety of role models. Witnessing balanced gender roles in childhood could have positive implications for future generations. In other words, seeing mums going to work and dads helping out more at home sets a positive example that children can follow in their own lives.

We’re not suggesting that you should suddenly rush out and go to work if you’ve chosen to be a stay-at-home mum. But, if you have made the decision to go back to work, perhaps you can start to let go of any guilt you might be harbouring about the damage this might be doing to your children.

You may even be giving them a little boost in life when it comes to their own future careers and families.

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