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  • Law firm sees spike in divorce enquiries after Christmas

    06 Jan 12:48 by PCadmin

    London-based law firm Stowe Family Law have confirmed that they saw a spike in divorce enquiries in the post-Christmas period. According to the firm, enquiries have experienced a 50%... (continued)

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  • New research: Quarter of British parents who live with their children ‘secretly consider divorce or separation’

    02 Jan 12:17 by PCadmin

    A quarter (26%) of British parents who currently live with their partner and children have secretly considered separating from or divorcing their partner, according to new research from... (continued)

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  • Merry Christmas from theParentConnection team!

    25 Dec 12:07 by PCadmin

    Whether you're spending Christmas with the kids or you're spending it alone this year, we hope you have a great day!  If you're in need of support, our Listening Roo... (continued)

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  • Report finds many newly divorced parents unable to make Christmas arrangements

    19 Dec 12:28 by PCadmin

    A new survey by national law firm Simpson Millar has found that 41% of newly separated parents living in the UK cannot remain on speaking terms to make childcare arrangements for their ... (continued)

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  • How we can support separating parents throughout Christmas

    18 Dec 16:03 by PCadmin

    For parents who have separated Christmas can be one of the most difficult days of the year. You might find yourself arguing with an ex about childcare arrangements over the festive p... (continued)

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  • A quarter of couples admit they only stay together for the kids

    16 Dec 10:16 by PCadmin

    A study by legal firm Irwin Mitchell has found that one in four married couples only stay together for the sake of their children, and plan to divorce as soon as they’ve grown up.... (continued)

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  • Kids In The Middle launches christmas single to raise awareness about effects of separation

    12 Dec 14:15 by PCadmin

    Kids In The Middle, an online service offering advice, counselling and help for children experiencing divorce or family separation, has released a Christmas song telling the heart break... (continued)

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  • 1-in-10 divorcees leave job after separation

    09 Dec 17:11 by PCadmin

    Around one in ten UK workers have said that they’ve left their job following divorce of separation, a new recent poll conducted by Comres suggests. The organisation polled over... (continued)

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  • 1 in 3 young people say one parent tried to turn them against the other during divorce

    24 Nov 16:19 by PCadmin

    A survey of 500 young people with divorced parents reveals that one in three (32%) young people felt that one parent had tried to turn them against the other during the break-up. It ... (continued)

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  • 6% of divorcees say children's feelings influenced split

    20 Nov 11:51 by PCadmin

    Many separated and separating parents say that they chose to leave their partner as it was the best thing to do for their children. A new study by family law specialists Slater &... (continued)

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  • Single mothers celebrated in new statue

    11 Nov 14:49 by PCadmin

    Turner Prize-winning artist Gillian Wearing recently unveiled her new statue A Real Birmingham Family, which celebrates and highlights single parent families living in the UK. The br... (continued)

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  • Child maintenance arrears could affect separated parents’ credit ratings

    06 Nov 11:46 by nickshread

    As of March 2015, separated parents who refuse to pay child maintenance could have a black mark put against their credit ratings. New proposed powers will allow the Child Maintenance... (continued)

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  • Jennifer Lopez opens up on co-parenting

    05 Nov 14:34 by PCadmin

    Pop singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has spoken in a recent interview with Arianna Huffington for Huffpost Live about her experiences of co-parenting with ex-husband Marc Anthony. L... (continued)

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  • Parents no longer embarrassed when talking about sex to children

    16 Oct 09:42 by nickshread

    Parents and teens are no longer bashful when it comes to having ‘the talk’ with one another, new research from the US suggests. Planned Parenthood and New York University... (continued)

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  • New child maintenance charges could deter separating parents, suggests study

    16 Oct 09:10 by nickshread

    A new report by the Public Accounts Committee suggests that many UK parents could be put off claiming for help during separation, due to the new child maintenance charges. The Depart... (continued)

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  • School absences fall after gov clampdown on term time holidays

    15 Oct 14:55 by DavidPs

    Following the government clampdown on families taking holidays during term time, the number of school days missed by English children has dropped dramatically. Official figures show ... (continued)

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  • One in four UK children now live with lone parent

    14 Oct 09:39 by PCadmin

    Children living in the UK and Belgium are more likely to be in a single-parent household than anywhere else in Western Europe, figures from Eurostat suggest. According to Eurostat, i... (continued)

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  • Court of Appeals issues guidance on separation cases involving disabled parents

    09 Sep 14:09 by nickshread

    Separation is rarely a straightforward affair as each case is significantly different. So when parents with disabilities split up, there are many extra issues which need to be taken int... (continued)

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  • Cost of divorce reaches £44,000 in UK

    21 Aug 11:25 by PCadmin

    Life insurance firm Aviva has revealed that the cost of divorce now costs an average of £21,979 per person – or £43,958 per couple. Figures obtained by the company ... (continued)

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  • Half of divorcees regret ending their marriage

    20 Aug 10:46 by PCadmin

    When a couple splits, it’s common to hear one or both of the parties involved say that they wish they’d never met their ex-partner. However, a new study has found that 50... (continued)

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  • Divorcees more likely to have one night stand, suggests study

    19 Aug 11:24 by PCadmin

    After separation or divorce, many newly single parents find that they’re simply not interested in pursuing a brand-new relationship. Therefore, it’s not completely surpri... (continued)

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  • New scheme brings separated parents and children together

    06 Aug 10:17 by PCadmin

    A new scheme has been launched that encourages separated parents to spend time with their children – together. The government-backed programme, which has been rolled-out in sev... (continued)

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  • Summer breaking point for British families

    04 Aug 14:57 by PCadmin

    We typically think of Christmas as being the peak time for family breakups – but the warmer months can be just as turbulent. According to family charity National Family Mediati... (continued)

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  • Are imaginary friends a result of divorce?

    28 Jul 11:15 by PCadmin

    Many children play imaginary games, and many of them take one step further and concoct their own imaginary friends. If you’ve recently separated from your partner and you&rsquo... (continued)

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  • 17% of parents call in sick to manage childcare during summer holidays

    25 Jul 09:29 by nickshread

    A new report published by the Family and Childcare Trust and Netmums has found that 17% of parents called in sick to work in 2013 in order to manage childcare during the summer holidays... (continued)

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