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  • Lone parents twice as likely as other workers to earn low wage

    24 Jul 10:52 by PCadmin

    Despite the recent upturn in the UK job market, single parents are still struggling to earn enough to make ends meet, a new survey by Gingerbread has found. The findings from the cha... (continued)

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  • Splitting Up? Put Kids First comes 50th in Digital Leaders 100

    19 Jun 11:44 by DavidPs

    Yesterday, Digital by Default announced this year’s Digital Leaders 100 – and our innovative service for separating parents, Splitting Up? Put Kids First, came in at number ... (continued)

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  • Could divorce make your children overweight?

    04 Jun 11:08 by DavidPs

    Children of separated parents are 1.5 times more likely to become overweight, compared to children whose parents haven’t split, claims a new study. Norwegian researchers studie... (continued)

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  • Take part in our ParentConnection user survey

    22 May 14:59 by DavidPs

    If you’ve ever visited theParentConnection website, we want to hear from you. Give us your views and you could win a £100 Amazon voucher. We’ve created a quick a... (continued)

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  • Children in single parent families no less happy than those in two parent households

    19 May 14:09 by nickshread

    A study of over 12,000 seven year old children in the UK has found that those who live in single-parent households are just as happy as those living with both parents. The study, con... (continued)

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  • Splitting Up? Put Kids First shortlisted in the 2014 Digital Leaders 100 Awards!

    15 May 11:12 by nickshread

    Our free service for separating parents, Splitting Up? Put Kids First, has been shortlisted for the 2014 Digital Leaders 100 awards! The Digital Leaders 100 awards recognise the top ... (continued)

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  • Being a single mum does not make women unhappy, study claims

    06 May 13:12 by DavidPs

    Research published in the Journal of Happiness Studies claims that mothers who have children while single tend to be happy with the situation. The study, which was conducted by resea... (continued)

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  • Couples should get quicker divorces says top judge

    02 May 10:30 by PCadmin

    Top family judge Sir James Munby has said that couples should be able to get a divorce simply by signing a form at the register office. The senior figure also added that parting coup... (continued)

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  • Splitting Up? Put Kids First reaches 1000 users!

    01 May 11:17 by DavidPs

    We’re delighted to announce that more than 1,000 people have registered to use our new service to help separating couples continue to parent in the best possible way. In Januar... (continued)

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  • Busiest divorce courts revealed

    01 Apr 10:26 by PCadmin

    Courts in Birmingham, Weston-super-mare and Coventry had the highest number of divorce petitions in 2013, according to figures released by the Ministry of Justice. A total of 2,655 d... (continued)

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  • Gwyneth and Chris announce split and plans to 'co-parent'

    26 Mar 14:59 by PCadmin

    Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin have announced that they have split up. The celebrity couple made the announcement via Paltrow’s GOOP website. &ls... (continued)

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  • Take part in our Mother’s Day survey

    24 Mar 16:06 by PCadmin

    We are currently running an online survey to find out what our users think of Mother’s Day. There are a few quick questions asking you whether or not you are doing anything thi... (continued)

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  • Separated dads face discrimination, says FNF

    04 Mar 12:01 by PCadmin

    Families Need Fathers (FNF) has called on members of the Scottish Parliament to acknowledge unfairness in the court system against fathers during separation. The charity, which offer... (continued)

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  • Win £125 Amazon voucher in our user survey

    28 Feb 14:26 by PCadmin

    We are carrying out a survey to find out how our online service has helped you. To collect your feedback, we’ve put together a short survey. You’ll be asked a few questio... (continued)

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  • Cost of childcare is barrier for mothers looking for work

    12 Feb 09:59 by PCadmin

    The cost of childcare is preventing two thirds of mothers from working more, according to the results of a recent survey by MumsNet and thinktank the Resolution Foundation. The surve... (continued)

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  • Tips for high earning parents who are separating

    11 Feb 12:21 by DavidPs

    As the number of households where women are the main breadwinners rises, mothers need to understand that they may lose custody of children in a divorce, family lawyer Marilyn Stowe expl... (continued)

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  • January 20 busiest day for divorce

    20 Jan 11:19 by PCadmin

    Today, the 20th of January, is set to be the busiest day for divorce petitions, according to lawyers. More couples file for divorce in January than any other time of year – and... (continued)

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  • Separated mothers prefer to make decisions alone

    13 Jan 11:20 by DavidPs

    Results of a new survey by counselling service Relate has found that one in three separated mothers prefer to make decisions about their child alone. In comparison, 85% of separated ... (continued)

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  • Battle over who gets the dog ‘as stressful’ as child custody

    10 Jan 11:16 by DavidPs

    A new study has found that a fifth of separating couples find deciding who gets to keep the dog ‘as stressful’ as deciding on child custody. According to the study by pet... (continued)

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  • Labour to introduce free childcare

    09 Jan 12:13 by PCadmin

    Labour leader Ed Miliband has hinted that Labour will prove free childcare to parents if elected in the 2015 General Election. In his New Year message, Miliband said that he was comm... (continued)

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  • New law will keep separating parents away from court

    08 Jan 15:17 by PCadmin

    The Family Justice Minister Simon Hughes yesterday announced that the government will introduce major new changes to ensure that separating parents try out of court alternatives such as... (continued)

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  • Try 'Splitting Up? Put Kids First' and give us your feedback

    06 Jan 15:34 by DavidPs

    We've soft launched our new online service Splitting Up? Put Kids First. The online service helps separated and separating parents create an online parenting plan, and ultimately... (continued)

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  • Merry Christmas from the Parent Connection!

    25 Dec 14:37 by PCadmin

    The Parent Connection team would like to wish all of our users a very merry Christmas! We hope that whether you have the kids today or not, you have a fantastic time creating new tra... (continued)

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  • Single parents skipping meals to feed children

    20 Dec 11:11 by PCadmin

    Nine out of ten single parents say they have been forced to cut back on spending on basics such as food and children’s clothes since benefit reforms were introduced in April 2013.... (continued)

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  • Two Christmases are better than none

    19 Dec 10:16 by PCadmin

    It’s a dilemma many separated parents face at this time of year: who gets the children for Christmas? There’s bound to be competition between separated parents over who g... (continued)

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