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  • How other parents reduce the cost of Christmas

    18 Dec 12:14 by PCadmin

    There’s no denying that Christmas is the most expensive time of year. Once all the presents and cards are out of the way, there’s still mountains of food to buy, and the ... (continued)

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  • Raising awareness of parental child abduction this Christmas

    13 Dec 11:29 by DavidPs

    Over the last decade, the number of new parental child abduction and custody cases has more than doubled, according to findings from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). And ... (continued)

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  • Who are Britain’s non-resident fathers?

    09 Dec 11:32 by PCadmin

    Over the past 30 years, the number of single parent households in the UK has tripled. According to a new report by, there are now 980,000 men in the UK with non-... (continued)

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  • Single parents to lose £60 a week

    03 Dec 12:01 by PCadmin

    Delays to the Government’s flagship welfare reform will mean single parents will lose up to £60 a week. The income will be cut due to the cancellation of In Work Credits ... (continued)

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  • Family Dispute Resolution Week 2013

    25 Nov 10:35 by PCadmin

    This week marks the second annual Family Dispute Resolution Week by Resolution. To coincide with this year’s awareness-raising event, Resolution has updated its guide Separatin... (continued)

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  • Poorest families hit hardest by rising bills

    13 Nov 12:54 by DavidPs

    According to the public spending watchdog, household utility bills will continue to rise faster than inflation until 2030, putting even more strain on single parents struggling to make ... (continued)

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  • Mediation services hit by cut to legal aid

    08 Nov 14:49 by PCadmin

    The number of separating couples attending out-of-court sessions to resolve family disputes has fallen dramatically following the legal aid cuts which came into effect earlier this year... (continued)

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  • Separated parents missing out on mortgages

    05 Nov 12:42 by PCadmin

    Mortgage lenders could be penalising divorced and separated parents who are applying for mortgages because they don’t take child support payments into account when considering app... (continued)

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  • 91% of lone parents are women

    01 Nov 14:38 by PCadmin

    There are nearly 1.9 million lone parents with dependent children living in the UK in 2013, according to the latest ONS data, and the majority of these lone parents are mothers. Just... (continued)

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  • Adults from divorced families talk about their parents’ split

    28 Oct 12:05 by DavidPs

    The Daily Mail recently published an article where adult children of divorce explained how their lives were affected by their parents’ split. The piece, which featured testimon... (continued)

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  • One in three families use tech to communicate

    10 Oct 13:56 by DavidPs

    A new study by Microsoft Advertising has found that one in three families regularly use digital devices such as smartphones and tablets to communicate with each other when they’re... (continued)

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  • Common Law Marriage Myths – What happens to Children?

    08 Oct 08:54 by DavidPs

    Under English Law there is no such thing as a common law husband or wife, yet over half of the UK thinks it’s real; relationship charity OnePlusOne found that 58% of people in the... (continued)

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  • Top difficulties faced by step-parents

    07 Oct 13:43 by PCadmin

    One in three step-parents have such a difficult relationship with their step children that they can’t wait until the children leave home, a study has revealed. The study, condu... (continued)

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  • Families hit by bedroom tax unable to pay rent

    20 Sep 10:42 by PCadmin

    New reports suggest that more than half of families hit by the ‘bedroom tax’ have been pushed into debt. According to the National Housing Federation, more than half (51%... (continued)

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  • Gingerbread Make it work campaign

    19 Sep 13:31 by PCadmin

    UK charity Gingerbread has launched Make it work, a campaign that calls on the government and employees to work out a guaranteed route out of poverty for single parents and back into wo... (continued)

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  • Cost of raising a child increases in 2013

    20 Aug 13:55 by DavidPs

    The cost of raising a child in the UK has risen over the last year, with single parent families now paying over £13,000 more than two parent units to raise a child to adulthood. ... (continued)

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  • Childcare tax breaks for working families enters consultation phase

    12 Aug 11:16 by nickshread

    The UK Government has entered the consultation phase of its £1bn scheme to help working parents cover the cost of childcare. The plan is to offer parents up to £1,200 a y... (continued)

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  • Staffordshire Uni graduate creates separation pack for kids

    09 Aug 13:48 by DavidPs

    Kirsty Botham, a recent graphic design graduate from Staffordshire University, has created an information and activity book to help young children cope with divorce. Aimed at childre... (continued)

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  • Summer holiday tips for single parents on a budget

    24 Jul 13:34 by PCadmin

    The summer holidays have arrived! School holidays are an exciting time, but they can feel very long, especially when on a tight budget. As a single parent you may often worry abou... (continued)

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  • Proportion of remarriages has fallen

    12 Jul 10:31 by PCadmin

    There has been a decrease in the proportion of remarriages in the last 15 years according to new preliminary statistics released by The Office for National Statistics (ONS). The ... (continued)

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  • The importance of Father's Day after separation

    14 Jun 13:48 by PCadmin

    When you've been through a difficult separation and have started a new life as a single parent or with a new partner, celebrations such as Mother's Day and Father's Day c... (continued)

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  • Tips for planning your second wedding

    28 May 15:58 by PCadmin

    You would think that getting married for the second time would be easier; you’ve been through the process once before so you’re aware of the fees, paperwork, and meticulo... (continued)

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  • How the bedroom tax will affect separated parents

    13 May 10:51 by PCadmin

    From April 2013, the UK government removed the Housing Benefit spare room subsidy in the social rented sector. The so-called 'bedroom tax' means that all current and futu... (continued)

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  • How cuts to legal aid will affect separating families

    03 May 14:24 by PCadmin

    The British government announced that as of 1 April 2013, civil legal aid will no longer be available for cases involving divorce and child custody. The only exceptions are where... (continued)

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  • Documents to consider when separating

    10 Apr 15:24 by PCadmin

    Questions from some of our users during theParentConnection’s recent live chat with Lynne Passmore, of Lynne Passmore Family Law highlighted a concern over the different types of ... (continued)

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