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  • Legal advice surgery - contact arrangements

    11 Mar 13:02 by PCadmin

    Questions from users during the ParentConnection’s recent live advice surgery with family lawyer Jo O’Sullivan, highlighted the difficulties faced by many parents in agreein... (continued)

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  • Supporting older children through a separation or divorce

    11 Feb 13:22 by PCadmin

    The media coverage of Chris Huhne’s fall from grace after allegedly forcing his wife to take his speeding points has largely focused on his personal life; his affair, his ex-wife ... (continued)

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  • Stag’s Leap – How poet Sharon Olds got through her separation

    31 Jan 16:42 by nickshread

    From keeping a diary to posting on forums, writing about your personal relationships can have a truly cathartic effect on people. The act of writing down your feelings as you experience... (continued)

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  • Shared Care - after separation or divorce

    30 Dec 23:57 by nickshread

    During the separation process, parents often argue that they are entitled to an equal amount of time with their children. While an even fifty-fifty split may sound fair, it’s not ... (continued)

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  • Top tips for sharing your children and surviving Christmas

    03 Dec 16:00 by nickshread

      Christmas is a time for families and for many separated families it resurrects the sense of loss of the “perfect family “that no longer is.  For many separ... (continued)

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  • Planning for Christmas - after separation or divorce

    29 Nov 14:48 by PCadmin

      Christmas can prove to be a difficult time of year for separated parents. In our recent live advice surgery, collaborative lawyer and mediator Jo O’Sullivan from O&r... (continued)

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  • Housing rights - after separation or divorce

    31 Oct 11:23 by PCadmin

    Questions from some of our users during the ParentConnection’s recent live advice surgery with Principle Family Lawyer Julia Brown of Family Legal, highlighted the concern housing... (continued)

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  • Separation and relocation - moving with children after separation

    19 Oct 11:25 by DavidPs

    We live in an increasingly mobile society few people stay in the same place in which they grew up – moving for work reasons or just because they feel a different area may work bet... (continued)

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  • Using technology to reach co-parenting solutions

    10 Sep 09:38 by PCadmin

    Want to learn a new language? There’s an app for that. Do your grocery shopping? There’s an app for that too. Going through a divorce? If only it were that simple. However, ... (continued)

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  • Shared Parenting - Information about changes to the law - After Separation - Parent Connection

    04 Sep 12:43 by DavidPs

    The Government has now finished consulting on making changes to both The Children’s Act and legal processes that affect separating parents going through the courts. What’s b... (continued)

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  • Are you a healthy role model?

    09 Aug 15:18 by PCadmin

    Mo Farah, Bradley Wiggins, Greg Rutherford, Tim Baillie, Etienne Stott. Just a few of the familiar names of team GB’s Gold medal winners, and all outstanding role models accord... (continued)

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  • a kidspace

    17 Jul 11:54 by PCadmin

    Emma Cohn and Stacey Hart set up ' a kidspace' while working with bereaved children. They noticed children experienced similar losses when their parents decided to separate a... (continued)

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  • What's the best thing to do for my unborn child - stay or leave

    10 Jul 10:52 by PCadmin

    Recently on the parent connection forum we received a post from a new father describing a difficult and moving story around maintaining contact with his new baby daughter after having s... (continued)

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  • Making maintenance arrangements easier: advice and information for single parents

    10 Apr 11:44 by PCadmin

    They say you should never talk about religion, politics or money at the dinner table. But when you’re adapting to life as a single parent, family finances often become top priorit... (continued)

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  • How to divorce with dignity

    26 Jan 10:56 by PCadmin

    Debrett’s, the publisher famous for their etiquette guides, has teamed up with leading divorce lawyers to produce a new guide for divorcing couples: Debrett’s Guide to Civil... (continued)

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  • Reducing childcare costs for separated parents

    30 Nov 15:58 by DavidPs

    The think tank Social Market Foundation has found that families are set to see childcare costs rise by up to £1,400 per year by 2015. This is unwelcome news to families already su... (continued)

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  • Is Mediation the Way Forward?

    17 Nov 11:20 by PCadmin

    New legislation which requires couples to attend mediation before settling divorce disputes in court will come into effect in April 2012. Through mediation, separating couples can of... (continued)

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  • Should parents pay grandparents for childcare?

    28 Oct 11:24 by DavidPs

    Due to the increasing cost of childcare and busy careers of today’s families, many grandparents are looking after their grandchildren on a regular basis. Research by the Post Offi... (continued)

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  • Halle Berry's custody case: is mediation the answer?

    27 Oct 11:21 by PCadmin

    If you reckon life’s easier for the rich and famous, take a look at A-list actress Halle Berry’s rocky relationship with former partner and father of her child, Gabriel Aubr... (continued)

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  • When should you tell your kids about a new partner? Jennifer Lopez thinks it's best to wait...

    27 Oct 11:11 by PCadmin

    After a tough few months getting over her split from husband Marc Anthony, it’s nice to see mum-of-two Jennifer Lopez moving on again with, well, a bit of a hunk. After finding... (continued)

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