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  • Helping children adjust to life in a stepfamily

    27 Oct 13:33

    With higher rates of divorce and separation, stepfamilies are one of the fastest growing forms of family, now making up more than 10 percent of all families in the UK. After separati... (continued)

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  • Protecting children from the effects of separation

    10 Oct 14:54

    Around one in three children in the UK are likely to experience parental separation before the age of 16. Knowing the effects a breakup might have can help you protect against them and ... (continued)

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  • Planning a happy stepfamily

    26 Aug 10:43

    Meeting someone new can be really exciting but, when you both have children, it’s important to plan things properly. When two families merge and become a stepfamily, they bring to... (continued)

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  • Staying involved in your child’s education

    13 May 16:43

    Parental involvement is essential to children’s education. Studies have shown that parental involvement has a positive effect on children’s achievements in school, even when... (continued)

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  • What would you say to your ex, without judgement?

    16 Feb 17:27

    This is a guest blog from writer and filmmaker Will Darbyshire, seeking your stories for a new book on relationships to be published later this year. What would you say to your ... (continued)

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  • Adjusting to life after separation

    04 May 12:09

    After years of being in a relationship, being separated and parenting apart takes time to adjust to and you will need to be kind to yourself as well as to your child/children. De... (continued)

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  • Resolving disputes - advice and support from a lawyer/mediator's perspective

    26 Sep 14:49

    Believe it or not, only a small percentage of separating parents actually go through the courts to resolve their differences.   But what are the other methods that are available... (continued)

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  • Big Issues – Having a baby after separating

    24 Jun 10:10

    Nowadays, many couples who have a baby already have a child from a previous relationship. Parenting always brings new issues, but bringing a new life into a step family can bring... (continued)

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  • Children Have to Cope With Changes In Families - But They Do Need Help!

    24 Nov 15:28

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  • Family Dispute Resolution Week - separating parents

    25 Sep 15:28

    The Parent Connection is proud to support Family Dispute Resolution Week. The initiative, launched Monday by national family law association Resolution, aims to raise awareness of non-c... (continued)

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  • Separation troubles? Talk it out in the listening room

    06 Feb 14:59

    Whether we’re going through a separation, or we’ve separated for a while, many of us feel like we need someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or a space where we can just... (continued)

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  • Big Issues – Marrying again

    10 Jun 14:26

    When you’re planning on marrying the one you love, you feel on top of the world! While you may be excited about marrying again, if you have kids from a previous relationshi... (continued)

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  • Taking control - how to reduce stress during separation and divorce

    01 Mar 10:01

    It goes without saying that splitting up with a partner is a stressful process whether you have been married or living together. For couples ending a marriage, rather than a cohabiti... (continued)

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  • Big Issues: Online dating as a separated parent

    13 May 10:05

    You’ve been through a separation and have spent what has felt like an eternity adjusting to life as a single parent. Now that your heart has mended, you’re thinking of movin... (continued)

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  • Children Have to Cope With Changes In Families - But They Do Need Help!

    24 Nov 15:28

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