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Who is created by? has been created by One Plus One, the UK’s leading relationships research organisation with 40 years of experience of transforming research into practical solutions. One Plus One is a team of researchers, practitioners and information specialists whose aim is to enhance understanding of how family relationships contribute to the well being of adults and children.

Who is this site for?

The parent connection is a self-help resource for couples who are in the process of separating, or have already separated and who want to manage the effects of separation on their children, or manage the process of parenting together after separation or divorce

How is this site different to other sites that offer advice on separation and divorce? offers a unique blend of frequently updated articles, film based content, animation clips, quizzes, exercises, other self-assessment tools and interactive features which take One Plus One’s 40 years of transforming research evidence into practical solutions such as training courses and publications, which have helped thousands of family practitioners in their work with families, and puts it directly in the hands of the public.

Where can I get more help for a specific issue?

There are a number of references and links to other more specialist agencies within articles, on the useful links page and the support for children and young people page. These are designed to help users with more specialist issues.  The forum moderators can also make referrals to organisations offering more specialist help where appropriate.


Do I have to register to post on the forum?

Yes, any one wishing to start a new thread or to add comments to existing threads must register by creating a username (which will appear next to the post or comment on the forum, unless you choose to make this post or comment anonymous by ticking the appropriate box), a password, and by providing a valid email. Individuals also have the option of signing up for the forum using a Facebook, Twitter or Google + account. This can be done by clicking on any of the associated icons. 

Can I post on the forum anonymously?

Yes, when posting or commenting on the forum you can choose to make your post or comment anonymous by ticking the ‘make this post or comment anonymous’ box. You can choose to always remain anonymous on the forum by selecting this option in your personal profile area.

Who are the moderators?

The moderators are a group experienced in mediation and conflict , who are trained to work with families helping them to reach joint decisions without the use of courts.


Do I have to register to use this site?

You do not have to register before making use of this site; there are a number of articles, video clips, animations, quizzes and other interactive features that can be accessed without registering or signing in. However, recommends that individuals sign up to experience a more personalised service. To register you should create, a username, password, and provide a valid email. The option of signing up using an existing Facebook, Twitter or Google + account is also available. This can be done by clicking on any of the associated icons. 

Why should I register? recommends you sign up in order to experience a more personalised service. For example, once registered you will have access to a personal profile area within which you can save results from quizzes, exercises you have started or completed or courses you have taken. By registering you will also have access to a diary feature which you can use at your convenience.  

What happens to my information once I register?  may use the information you supply during registration to compile anonymous statistics and research, (for example we will be able to calculate what percentage of individuals using the site are male or female, and the average number of children each has, etc.). This will enable us to better provide registered members with a more personalised experience of using the site and help One Plus One further its research into couple relationships. We will not share any identifiable information to third parties without a member’s explicit permission

I’ve registered but I’m having problems logging in

If you are experiencing problems logging into you can complete the contact form on contact us page, selecting the option for technical support. You will receive a automated email to say your query is being dealt with and you will be contacted within 24 hours.