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The Listening Room | Online Separation Advice

The Listening Room gives you the opportunity to offload in a private and secure environment. Talk to one of our helpers, who are trained mediators or experienced in working with the family courts service, for up to 15 minutes. Helpers help you explore and understand what is going on for you. This is not a mediation service but do know that it often helps to talk it through and may help you take the next step.

Click the link in the bottom right of your screen and follow the instructions to start your session.

The Listening Room

Listening Room helpers are available to chat on the ParentConnection Monday to Sunday 9pm-10pm (GMT).

At the end of your session, you will be requested to submit a star rating out of 5 (1 being low and 5 being high) for your session with the helper. Please rate your session and this helps us monitor how well the service is performing.

PLEASE NOTE: User transcripts may be used for moderator training sessions in gaining an understanding of how we can provide a better service for you the user. These are secure sessions and no user data is released outside of these sessions. All moderators are under contract with OnePlusOne, a registered charity.   

If you have any comments about the Listening Room service, please send us your feedback by using our contact form.