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Advice needed

Posted by: Anonymous
Wed 22, Feb 2017 at 11:15am
After Separation

Hi I have been separated from my partner since August. I still get to see my kids at least 3 times a week which I'm happy with. I do not understand why I have to pay my ex money each month if she only has them one more day than me, which technically she doesn't as her mum has them one night. I am back living at home while she is in a council flat that I was in with her. With the money I give her she takes home more than I do yet I'm the one who has to pay and I can't afford to move out because of it. I don't see why I have to pay her when we both have the kids the same amount of time and I pay for things like food,clothes and days out while they are with me. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Pc jaybee (moderator) Flag

    Thank you for your post.
    Have you looked on line at the various organisations that provide information about this such as Gingerbread and National Family Mediation? You may find advice about how to calculate how much you should be paying based on how many days your children spend with you. This is information that you might be able to then use as a basis for re-negotiation with your ex.
    If you think this is going to be tricky, how about contacting your local Family Mediation Service to see if they can help you and your ex to come to an agreement? You may find their website useful as well, for basic information about how to calculate what you should be paying.
    Let me know if this has been helpful..

    Sat 25, Feb 2017 at 2:41pm