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Advice on encouraging a relunctant toddler to go to contact with father

Posted by: Anonymous
Thu 2, Feb 2017 at 10:06am
After Separation

My Child is a young toddler and has to go to contact every other weekend for two nights with her biological father. She really struggles with going and cries and says she wants to stay home and doesn't want to go. It makes it very hard and I don't really know what to do. I'm trying to encourage her by talking about it positively and we have created a "week planner" chart for the wall so that she can feel secure in the knowledge that she knows where she will be going on any given day. However, none of this is helping and she's as hesitant to go as ever. I wondered if anyone had any suggestions? I've tried to discuss it with her father but I just get a lot of abuse back or blanket denial. Background: I don't think there's a particular reason she doesn't like him, he wasn't around when she was little but she knows he is "daddy" so ? Any help/guidance or ideas would be much appreciated.

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  • User-anonymous vwgolfnutter Flag

    I have the exact same problem...
    Can i ask, do you have feedback on how she acts when she is with him?
    See my Daughter is 4 but has always got upset about going to her Dads for a visit, she will never give me a solid reason though she just doesnt want to leave me. She cries and upsets me and its awful but when shes there she rings me and she is happy and playing and eating dinner etc, I think its just the initial struggle out the door thats hard.

    I dont know the answer really but i do sympathise with how hard it is x

    Thu 2, Feb 2017 at 1:53pm