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Child Care

Posted by: Anonymous
Wed 6, Sep 2017 at 5:26pm
After Separation
Child care costs,divorced


I have 2 daughters with my ex-husband (we are now divorced). I am currently back at University re-training so have no real income other than my grant and student loan.

We currently have the girls alternate weekends and he also has them 2 nights a week. One of the nights he collects them from school and then returns them to me at 7pm.

The other night he collects them from school and keeps them over nightreturning them to school the following morning.

He currently pays the CSA recommended amount based on the nights he has them to stay over.

The girls finish school at 3:30pm each night.

I am able to collect the girls on my nights at 3:30pm.

He is stating that he cannot collect them until 5pm on his nights.

He is saying that I am responsible for payment of the necessary child care costs post school from 3:30 until 5pm and that if I don't pay for this and the girls are left at school until 5pm social services will contact me. As it's my financial responsibility for the girls until 5pm - even on the evenings he collects the girls.

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  • Pc jaybee (moderator) Flag

    Hi, thanks for your post.
    I'm sure what you are suggesting is entirely reasonable - that each of you takes responsibility for after-school care on whichever days the children are due to be with you.
    But clearly, your ex has a different view. What does he say about why he thinks his position is the right one?
    It sounds like their school doesn't have any after-school provision, is that right?

    Fri 8, Sep 2017 at 7:33am