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HELP - Fighting for adoption.

Posted by: Anonymous
Thu 8, Mar 2018 at 1:58pm
After Separation

Hi everyone, will keep this post as short & simple as I can..

I recently had a baby ( unplanned) the father of baby did not speak to me for last 5 months of pregnancy, on my own, unable to financially & mentally provide I went down adoption route. My baby has been in care since birth ( I dont need opinions on this , my mind is made up ) I got pregnant quick with someone who was not anything serious..

He had to be made aware of my plans & he doesnt consent the adoption, hes now being accessed , his parenting,

I have concerns... he is very immature for 32, drug user, heavy drinker, he has another child, he has been in and out of his life.. he visits him.. doesnt have over night contact due to the mother not allowing it due to drug use.

so hes seeing this baby twice a week for an hour each time at supervised contact centre. Hes been offered more time but has turned it down because he doesnt want to be there for that long, he has started to miss sessions. the baby is 3 months old, all he has ever brought is 3 baby vests... in new relationship etc... didnt know baby was born until 10 days old due to not bothering to find out...

despite saying he was going to apply for parental respinsibilty 7 weeks aho he still hasnt.

my mind is all over the place... im so scared he is going to get him full custody & im in the dark at the moment..

solicitors etc involved...

social worker not impressed by him...

not used to all of this..

anyone able to tell me if hes likely to get full custody? he cant even look after himself!! out drinking 3/4 nights a week!!

(if i knew all of this then of course the baby wouldnt have happened!. had late termination booked but they messed up my appt!!!)

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  • Pc jaybee (moderator) Flag

    You're in a heart-breaking situation so I can understand the strength of your feelings about this. I'm sure one of the worst things about it is the uncertainty and waiting to hear what the decision will be about your baby's future. I wish I could give you some comfort but it's almost impossible for anyone to know what the outcome of this will be.
    The decision, I need I need hardly tell you, will be based on what's best for your child. You have made a very brave decision in the choice you have made and there's no denying it is/will be very painful. Gather your best support around you, make use of whatever counselling, comfort and sources of advice you can get hold of.
    My heart goes out to you.

    Sun 11, Mar 2018 at 4:03pm