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Help needed

Posted by: Anonymous
Mon 20, Feb 2017 at 10:49pm
After Separation

I have a agreed contact order with my ex to see my 4 boys on weekends 1 week full weekend next half but I've been having them every weekend but last week I needed to take my step dad to airport so I asked if I could take them home on Saturday nite but he said he was going away so I spoke to my sister she asked if she could have them on the sunday as she hasn't seen them for a while so I said ok as I needed to take step dad to airport in took kids to my sister Sunday morning I then took step dad to airport and he was having problems there so I wouldn't of got back in time to take kids bk home so I messaged his sister as I'm not allowed his number his girlfriend says so anyway I got abuse saying I'd dumped kids I arranged for my real dad to drop kids home he then got abuse and said that I'm not allowed to see my kids again and I'd have to take him to court if I wanted to see them again his only problem was that I took my stepdad to airport my stepdad is Egyptian and my ex hates him and is a racist I was also groomed by him I was 15 and he was 39 he would buy me things and give me money and tell me I wasn't allowed to tell anya can I do anything about him grooming me and can I do anything about getting my kids back full custody I'm now 27 and I'm not longer scared to say anything I was scared to say anything as he has verbally abused me and has also physical abused me and after we split he still harassed me and i had to call police a few times

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  • Pc jaybee (moderator) Flag

    Sorry to hear that things have gone wrong over your children's visits with you. It sounds like this has just happened recently. Am I right?
    Of course, if there is a court order in place then your ex should not be preventing the children from seeing you unless there is a serious concern that you did something that put their safety at risk. If contact stops, then you should contact the court straightaway. (I guess you might have to wait until the next visit to see if your ex carries out his threat).
    If I have understood correctly, it was your ex who took advantage of the age difference between you when your were only 15. If you think some form of abuse took place then you may want to get some support and advice about what action to take. One place to look for this would be the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). They offer support and advice to adults who have been abused as children.
    I hope this is helpful. Let me know what you think.

    Wed 22, Feb 2017 at 5:15pm
  • User-anonymous Sarahjanewest Flag

    yes was this sunday gone that week I had explained to his sister that I had to take my step dad to airport so he could go see his family in Egypt she said that he was a way all weekend so I couldn't take them bk on Saturday night my sister who has 5 children of her own then asked if she could have them as she hadn't seen them in a while so on sunday she watched them while I took my step dad to airport. I then text his sister at 4:09 on sunday to say if he wanted did he want to collect them from hers as I wouldn't get back til late. I then got abuse and got told he was ringing police to say they were missing even though he knew were they were. I then arranged for my dad to get kids and take them home . he then took them home and he got abuse telling him I'm not seeing kids again and that if I want to I have to take him to court he is also a racist as he has been warned off police b4 but he then whent on to call my step dad a black b***ard that ive lost my kids coz of him

    Thu 23, Feb 2017 at 12:53pm