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Parenting changing bag help

Posted by: Anonymous
Fri 3, Nov 2017 at 9:59am
After Separation
changing bags,baby equipment

Hi there everyone my name’s Nancy! I’m not really used to using these types of forums at all - in fact this is only my second one ever! But I really liked the look of this community and thought it seemed like a great place to talk to like minded mums and get some advice from other single parents like myself! The thing is I really need lots of advice as I’m about to have my first child, and I’m currently having a bit of a palava trying to buy everything in time! Since the father has left me I've been a bit of a mess and I've left everything until the last minute so I'm really trying to get myself back into action! I’ve got most of the clothes for her (we’re having a little girl!) and nappies etc, but it’s some of the other things I’m struggling with. Primarily as bizarre as it sounds - changing bags! I know it sounds silly but I really want to get a really nice bag that’s practical but also looks pretty! Especially as it will essentially be my handbag for the next year or so! So I was wondering really if anyone had any good suggestions of places I could get ‘pretty’ changing bags from? Just something really that I can keep all Lilly’s things in but that will also perhaps not necessarily look like a changing bag! I know it’s quite a weird question to ask but if anyone could offer any suggestions that would be amazinngggg! Thank you everyone x

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