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Partner Moved

Posted by: Anonymous
Wed 7, Jun 2017 at 2:24pm
After Separation

My partner has moved our child an hour and 20 minutes away from me to move in with her new partner and now insists I drive all of the way for both drop offs and pickups.

Just wanted peoples thoughts to see if you think this is fair or not. I suggested halfway as felt this was more fair for me and more than fair for her but it was rejected. I am pursuing it for the courts, but she says she cannot afford to drive to meet me halfway.....

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  • User-anonymous Springer Flag

    The most important thing is to maintain your relationship with your child. Don't make the apart distance become a issue.

    Yes... the distance you will be travelling will be a lengthy one but it does not warrant getting into a court battle situation to prove what fair or not. The cost of that will be costly and no doubt cause further problems. You can say that it is not fair but it will not change the distance or time it takes to travel there. Be a positive role model for your child and spend that cash and time on something else.

    Fri 9, Jun 2017 at 12:18pm