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£10,000 out of pocket

Posted by: Anonymous
Fri 15, Dec 2017 at 2:22pm
After Separation

My son's ex had a fling and they separated. well she would not ket him back into the house.kept calling police
all of a sudden they disappeared
we have been assessed by social worker , section 7 done said my son no threat ,so non molestation order taken off . she is determined not to let my son see his daughter. court order says he can see her at nursery 1/2 hr a week and he should see her, she will not have it spent £10000 so far and we have to go back to court febuary
so xmas neither my son nor us the grand parents will not see her now 5 months
court ordered skype 3 times a week now she has stopped that

what can we do other than court again!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Pc jaybee (moderator) Flag

    This is sad for you, your son and your grandchild, who, it sounds like, the court has agreed, should be benefitting from a relationship with her father and his family.
    From what you've said, the court has made an order setting out how contact between them should be taking place and that's not being complied with.
    Either he can wait until the case is back in court in February or you can contact the court sooner than that and ask for the current situation to be looked at again.
    I 'm very aware that this could be costly and a lot of money has already been spent. However, these days more and more parents are attending court without a lawyer and representing themselves. So, courts are used to this situation and it shouldn't put your son at any disadvantage if he decides to do this.
    Here are some links to websites that offer advice about this:
    If you have a look on the web, I'm sure you'll find others as well.

    Sun 17, Dec 2017 at 11:18am