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Residency for my 3 year old daughter

Posted by: Anonymous
Tue 14, Nov 2017 at 9:55pm
After Separation

Hi i am wondering if somebody can give me advice or even better somebody who has been in the same position as me to tell me how their outcome was.

I have a 3 year old daughter that i have had a contact order for, i see her 4 nights per week for the last 12 months and every christmas, birthday, fathers day and a full week in summer.

Up until now the situation had been great but her mother got involved with a man who is very abusive and is on drugs, he has hit my daughters mother on a number of occasions infront of my daughter and her other two children but 4 weeks ago it got so bad that the police were called and social services were involved. My daughters mother was told by ss not to habe anything to do with this man which she agreed to but recently my daughter had told me that the man is back so i called ss to which they said they wasnt getting involved because her mother was denying it. I have refused to take my daughter back to the house and have applyed for an emergency court hearing for full residency of my daughter and for her mom to see her in a contact centre until i can be sure that my daughter isnt going to be around this man and witness the things that she has been and is safe.

I am awaiting the court date and im wondering if anyone thinks i have a chance at the full residency. I have a phone call recording where her mother is admitting this man has been hitting her infront of the children and a police record of this, also on the recording she states that he is on cocaune a lot infront of the children.

My main worry is that the courts will favour her because my daughter is already in a nursery by her mothers house but also right next to this mans house, hence im not taking her back to that nursery and once i have the residency will put her into a new one. My other worry is that ss have said they are not concerned and bieleve the mother but i feel they are fire fighting and only going to do something when something bad happens whereas i want to prevent it from happening.

Also the mother has been lying about where she lives to me and has been asking me to drop my daughter off at a carpark miles from her house but next to where this man lives which at first made me very suspicious but once my daughter said this man was back that was it for me i couldnt take her back there.

I am genuinly worried for the welfare of my daughter, not saying this man would hurt her but who knows, mainly because i dont want her growing up seeing a man hitting her mother and smashing the house up with an iron bar and also doing cocaune in her presence.

This is the most stressfull time of my life and all i want is whats best for my daughter and for her to be safe.

Does anyone think i have a chance at residency? Any replies will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Pc jaybee (moderator) Flag

    It sounds like you're finding the uncertainty of waiting for the court hearing really difficult but at least the wheels are in motion for the court to take another look at the situation.
    I think that's the best way forward. I'm sorry not to be more helpful but it is really difficult to know what the court will do once both you and your ex have set out your positions. It sounds like it's your word against her's about whether she's still involved with this guy; that's tricky.

    Thu 16, Nov 2017 at 2:22pm
  • User-anonymous Jay Flag

    Yer i am finding the whole situation difficult, also because i have had to give up work until i know what is going on at court so i can legally put my daughter into another nursery, its the longest iv been out of work in 14 years but dont see any other choice if it means keeping my daughter safe.

    If it does come down to them thinking its my word against hers im hoping they will see that either way her mother shouldnt of been letting this man around my daughter after all the abuse and drug taking because its happend on a number of occasions.

    Thanks for the reply

    Thu 16, Nov 2017 at 11:07pm