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Restraining Order and Ultimatums

Posted by: Anonymous
Wed 2, May 2018 at 1:47pm
After Separation

Please Help!

My ex and I have been seperated for almost 3 years. He had a baby 8 months after i moved out and is still with her. It has been very contentious and currently i have a restraining order against his gf for attacking me in front of my child and texting me with threats and swears, after months of requesting she not contact or be around me. If it was just me and my ex i think wed co parent much better, but his ex, in my opinion, is so insecure he is not allowed to text call or be near me if she isnt.

Recently my son started baseball and i sent dad the game schedule to which he said hed make them all (he is historically a flake and aside from his one night a week very uninvolved). Last minute he says if she cant go then she wont let him take the car to the games. Begging me to just let her go so he can go. There is an active restraining order for good reason that i really do not want to drop and intend to renew at the end of the year to keep things as civil as they have been the last few months.

Should i cave for the millionth time and drop the restraining order? Im torn between wanting his dad to be there but also wanting to keep my sanity and the crazy away from my son.

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  • Pc jaybee (moderator) Flag

    Not sure if I have understood what the restraining order covers but sounds like you may feel the need of it when your son goes to base ball. Is that to protect him or you or both?
    Here's a couple of suggestions: agree to your ex collecting your son and takin him to the games while you stay away.
    Agree to ignore the order (you perhaps don't need to involve the court), see what happens; if there's a problem, you can invoke it again.

    Fri 4, May 2018 at 5:48am