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URGENT HELP------Breech In Court order ( contact & documents delivery )

Posted by: Anonymous
Mon 27, Mar 2017 at 7:26am
After Separation

Hi All,
March 2016 court decided ( never agreed mutually ) children ( both boys now 11 & 7 ) contact with me alternate weekends, 50% holidays & Hague countries from 1st Jan 2017. My ex gave me children passports just 3 days before our pre informed flight ( as per order she must give it 4 weeks before travel date ). Last weekend she refused to send children on my weekend by emailing me at 1700 that because of unforeseen circumstance & in children best interest ( just to tell you that we were in court regarding my application to take children to India on family marriage that she refused & now going into trial ). She did not inform me or my solicitor in the court on same day. I spent a lot of money ( i mean a lot of money to date > 50K in court & still ongoing ) but she started this new stuff. Looking for your independent advice ( solicitor is already dealing this ). Whats your thought.

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  • Pc jaybee (moderator) Flag

    Thanks for your post. It sounds like you're having quite a struggle with your ex and that there are also some concerns on her part that you may remove the children permanently from the UK. Am I right about that? Sounds like there's a need to build trust between you?
    I'll leave the legal stuff to your solicitor - I'm sure they know best about that!
    On the emotional side, my concern is about what this is like for your kids. However well you may try to protect them, they can't be un-aware of the conflict between you and their Mum. So, it may be a very hard thing to do, I'm sure the trip to India is really important to you, but you may have to think hard about the 'cost' of this to both you and your kids. I know that must be hard to swallow.
    Meanwhile, I'm sending you a link to an article on this site that says a bit more about the impact on children of conflict after their parents have separated:
    Do let me know what you think.

    Thu 30, Mar 2017 at 8:59am