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I live in my partners house with my 2 children, he says the relationship is ended and wants us out. Where do I start to sort this out?

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    Hi, I'd put your comment on the forum as many more people will see your question there. I agree with the other comments about advice. Also, does this article help at all?

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    It's hard to say without more information about your circumstances. I would suggest that you go on to the forum as you'll get much more help. Is the housing situation your main worry? It would be useful to have more info - How long have you lived together and how old area the children? Is the house rented or owned by your partner? Whatever the answers I suppose that you need to find out what your housing options are for if you move out. Start with your local housing dept. the CAB would also be helpful. It might be worth getting some legal advice too. In the meantime go to the Forum. It is such a big worry when this happens but there is lots of support for you . Hope we hear from you soon.

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      The children are 5 and 10, the house is owned by partner and I've lived there 3 years.
      Partner has brain tumor recently had meds changed. My family live 200 miles away, do I disrupt the children s schooling and move closer to family or stay local thinking its meds and condition which is making partner want us out? can i suspend my school placement here and temporarily put the children in school local to family until I'm sure of where would be best to live, does moving in with parents hinder my chance of my own place??

      Mon 20, May 2013 at 8:30pm