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I do not want my children to see my ex husbands new partner

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    just been through this my little one is 4 and found out he told me he was getting a place on his own but he now has his partner living there. I stopped him letting her sleep as he was not honest with me and demanded to see the girlfriend or I would not allow it. He lives in a one bedroom place to.
    I saw the girlfriend it was hard but did not want a stranger in the house or sleeping in the same place. I now have really put my foot down and made rules so he understands what I expect and now he listens and IT IS STILL HARD but made me feel more at ease.

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    It can be v upsetting thinking about your children spending time with your ex's gf. The questions you have to ask yourself are: will it harm the children if they do? How harmful to the children is a big falling out between you and their dad over this?
    I guess you have questions you want to ask your ex about this - for tips on how to have a difficult conversation click on the Programmes tab on the home page. Or ...have you thought about giving mediation a try?

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