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What happens if a child (8 y.o) refuses to go for weekend contact despite contact order? Am I in breach of court order?

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    Of course, yes, technically you are in breach of the order and the other parent may want to challenge what's being said about how the child feels. It can be referred back to the court but this isn't necessarily the best route for a amicable and sustainable outcome. Mediation might be a better way forward to talk things through and for both parents to share their views about what's best for the child.
    You might also want to think of putting this on the Forum on this site, with a bit more background and maybe the chance of the views of others in a similar position?

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      I suppose to have my children ( 11 & 7 both boys ) last weekend but my ex sent me an email just 2 hours before the picking up time & said children are well but not available for me to see me. She has taken this decision in children's best interest but can have next contact on Easter time.
      BACKGROUND----same day we both were in court ( she did not mentioned above then ) as she refused me to take children to India & court put our case on trial against her wishes.
      My solicitor is taking her back to court that its agianst the court order.

      Mon 27, Mar 2017 at 12:15pm